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They're back...

They're back...
For the last nineteen years, he has volunteered at the same community festivals. The Father's Day little one, the July 4th big one, and the Labor Day really big one. He has done it all, but settled into his niche as the "Fastest Beer Seller in the Midwest." Most beer sellers can handle one customer at a time, he handles three. And because of his expediency and smile, he has a crowd of regulars that through their drunken stupor, always manage to to make a connection to a previous function somewhere in their soggy mind. "Hey, I remember you!" is heard over and over above the thumping bass of the main stage.

Three year ago, on the last day of the Labor Day, festival, he made some new friends. They were three sisters, any and all of them were around his age. All very blond and attractive, all inebriated, all very funny, and all married to very large Norwegian men. They sought him out every festival, for two reasons, he was fun too, and they knew he wouldn't cut them off. But July 3rd was different.

Like in years past, they met on Father's Day, this year before the Gin Blossom's concert. Except when they met this year, his ex-wife was standing there and more than a little jealous of the Bear and the three Goldilocks. The ex had no problem explaining to the Goldilocks her side of the story, which made him look, well, not so good. He stood there and took it like a man. It's hard to explain things to four women when three out of four are on their way to another fun night that will be forgotten. The youngest Goldilock was the brashest, asking questions that polite people do not ask of their closest friends, let alone relative strangers. His only response was to take a quarter from his apron and show all of them that it had two sides.

July 3rd, amongst decent heat and Ted Nugent, he was doing his thing, selling beer and making new friends when the three Goldilocks found him at his post. They wanted to talk, well, and drink. So on his break, he met the older two and told his side of the story.